The trick to having a brighter smile is to polish your pearly whites. A polishing procedure moves corrosion and outward stains to improve your aesthetic smile. The dentist achieves this by using an abrasive polishing compound as well as a small rubber cup.

Oral prophylaxis is a procedure performed at dental clinics which involves tooth polishing. It involves smoothing the tooth surfaces, which makes them lustrous and shiny.

The term ‘polishing’ is often used to describe professionally removing soft stains from tooth surfaces. But, actually, it includes polishing as well as cleaning.

One of the best ways to make a person feel confident is why they have healthy gums and teeth. While people go about their daily routine which involves their eating and drinking habits, this leads the tooth enamel to get stained over time or turn dark with a yellowing tinge.

Polishing is the most effective treatment and has traditionally been associated with the prophylaxis procedure, which patients are highly familiar with.

Polishing uses a slow speed handpiece, which also has a spinning soft rubber cup on the end of it. Prophylaxis (prophy) paste is also used. It is a gritty substance which is similar to toothpaste. It gets scooped up into a cup, and then it is spun around on your teeth. This is what makes them smooth.

Is The Prophylaxis Procedure Painful?

The vast majority of people find the procedure and polishing to be totally pain-free.

Patients will experience the following sensations: tickling vibrations on their teeth, water providing a cooling mist, as well as a pressure feeling during the ‘scraping’ phase.

Usually, they do not cause any discomfort.  However, if you do experience any discomfort at any time, be sure to let the dentist know immediately. A painful cleaning experience may be because of exposed dentine (which is not dangerous to you), or that they have issues with sore gums.

People actually say that they enjoy the cleanings, find them relaxing and simply one the very smooth feeling of their teeth afterwards.

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