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Routine Regular Dental Cleaning Vs. Deep Cleaning: What Is The Difference?

It’s necessary every 6 months to have a regular check up as well as dental cleaning. A dental cleaning appointment entails cleaning above the gum-line. This will help to maintain your healthy gums.

But a deep clean (or scale), is when the dentist scales and cleans between 1-3mm under the gum line.

It is performed when there is tartar, bacteria, or infection under the gum line. As a result of inflammation of your gums, it will lead to irritation of the gums.


A deep clean differs greatly from your routine regular dental cleaning. A deep clean consists of cleaning above your gum line.

It also involves treating your gums. This is just as important as treating your teeth themselves.

Think of gums as being like soil for a plant. The healthier the soil, and more maintained it is, then the healthier the plant will be.

This is why it’s crucial to have regular hygienic treatment appointments. They will be able to determine whether your gums require some extra care.

You wouldn’t leave soil unchecked for years, would you?

Healthy Gums Vs. Gum Disease

For healthy gums, there will be a healthy bone level, and enamel.

For gum disease, there will be plaque and calluses, inflammation, and a deepening pocket.

Your dentist will check your gums to see if they are healthy or have gum disease.


It’s strongly recommended to have a regular clean approximately every 3 – 6 months. During the clean, the dentist will remove build up on the surface of the tooth, as well as along the gum line.

How can you spot healthy gums? They should have a pink colour, and not be overly sensitive or bleed. There should also be little tartar build up.

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