Anytime you hear the word Denture; it’s easy to picture them only being for elderly patients. But, actually, dentures and partial plates are a lot more common than you may think – without you even realising!

With dental advancements, the material used these days gives an extremely aesthetically pleasing result.

Dentures are available in a large variety of designs.

They range from:

– Conventional dentures

– Dentures which clasp onto your teeth

– Removable dentures

It’s also possible to have dentures which are a permanent implant.


There are a few different types of dentures/plates which you can choose from. They include:

– Complete Dentures are a full set of dentures. This includes both the top and bottom jaw. It is an option when there is an absence of any natural tooth structure.

– Partial Dentures are dentures for when a patient doesn’t have all of their teeth missing. But instead only needs a few teeth to be replaced. Over time, it’s possible to add more teeth to a partial denture whenever it is required.

– Immediate Dentures they are dentures which are fitted immediately after a tooth extract occurs. This option makes sure that you are never without teeth.

– Over dentures offer a lot of flexibility. They fastened to your remaining teeth or dental implants. They can either be fitted over the roots of existing teeth after a root canal treatment, over the top of existing teeth, or over dental implants.

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