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Regular Checkups Keep Your Smile Healthy

It’s important to have regular and correct oral hygiene at home. After all, prevention is crucial. But, you should also ensure you schedule regular checkups by a professional Dentist or Oral health therapist. These checkups utilise current methods combined with cutting-edge technology to help make sure you can keep your teeth for life.

What Does A Dentist Do During A Regular checkup?

It’s recommended to have a Dental checkup every six months. There are several routine things a dental practioner will check for during a thorough regular checkup and dental examination. They include:

Tooth Decay: Tooth decay is a crucial part of any checkup, and it is the first thing any dentist will check.
Gums: A thorough gum check will be performed. This will let the dentist check the tartar level and also see if your gums are bleeding. Any sign of gum disease will be explained to you and noted. Remember health teeth begin with healthy gums.
X-Ray: If any problems are detected, then an X-Ray may be required. An X-Ray will identify if there is any tooth decay and allow your dentist to recommend either a root canal or filling.
Wisdom Teeth: An important part of any checkup is to check your wisdom teeth. The dentist will advise you whether your wisdom teeth should be kept or removed.
Loose Teeth: A check will be undertaken to find any loose teeth, and you’ll be advised of the outcome.

It’s important that if you are aware of any changes since the previous dental checkup that you let your dentist, oral health therapist, or hygienist know.
Changes include things such as medical conditions, medication, anxiety, previous dental treatment experiences, discomforts, or any concerns which you have.

Why Am I required To Have An X-Ray?

X-Rays are essential to be able to detect cavities, check tooth roots, and also to find any abscesses near the root. They will also check for decay, your jaw alignment, and any periodontal disease.

Impact of a Healthy Lifestyle on Dental Care

Living a healthy lifestyle has a great impact on your oral health and not just your teeth’s colour. Alcohol, smoking and acidic foods are not just harmful to your physical health; they also affect your teeth.

The dentist will make an assessment, and if further treatment is required, they will make a referral to a specialist, or create an outline of steps which you should take to ensure your teeth look their best.

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