Check-ups are important, and It’s important for everyone to keep up their proper and regular oral hygiene at home. However, having regular check-ups with dental professionals who use up-to-date knowledge and modern technology will help to keep your teeth healthy for life.

Prevention is key! Most people know how to brush their teeth and take care of their mouths. However, they might brush too quickly, use an old or stiff toothbrush, or use an inappropriate technique.

All these issues can make your efforts ineffective and lead to a range of tooth and gum problems. Additionally, some medical conditions or medications can cause plaque and calculus to develop. Read our article about plaque, calculus and gum disease .

So you should get checked every six months to stay on top of these problems. So, apart from a regular clean , what does your dentist check during these visits?

Changes since previous appointment

First the dentist will ask you about any changes you’ve noticed since your last dental visit and how you’re feeling about this.

Make sure you tell them about any:

  • medication
  • medical conditions
  • allergies
  • previous experiences with dental treatment
  • anxiety or discomfort.

list for check-ups

The dentist will then check your mouth for any issues, including:

  • tooth decay and cavities
  • gum bleeding and tartar, and other signs of gum disease
  • loose teeth
  • wisdom teeth issues, including advising whether to keep or remove them.


Your dentist might want to take some x-rays during your visit. They will use the x-rays to:

  • check your tooth roots and jaw alignment
  • look for tooth decay and cavities, abscesses near the root and periodontal disease
  • recommend fillings or root canals.

Further treatment

If your dentist believes you need further treatment, such as fillings or Root canals, they will either make a referral to a specialist or book you in for work at a time that suits you. They will tell you exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

Advice for after check-ups

After the check-up, your dentist will give you tips on keeping your teeth and gums healthy until your next visit.

This includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol and acidic foods are all detrimental not only to your health, but also to your teeth.

The dentist will make an assessment, and if further treatment is required, they will make a referral to a specialist, or create an outline of steps which you should take to ensure your teeth look their best

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